THE Artist Development System

Artist development has become a lost form in most cases but for the many that have succeeded, they have put a strong emphasis on fully developing their talent.  Most talent jump into the pursuit of their careers without the necessary skills to help them navigate properly.  Setting up their careers for success from the creative AND business aspect has been an issue for aspiring talent.

C.A.M.P. has been created to fulfill the solution.

C.A.M.P. (Creating Artists and Music Professionals) is an artist development system designed to give talent the tools, resources and deliverables needed to succeed in the music industry.  You decided to pursue your music as a career with passion and creativity.

C.A.M.P. is the system needed to take your creativity serious and put yourself on a track to become the successful talent you have dreamed of being!

Our System

Our system is structured in three areas geared to provide talent the resources needed to succeed:

The Business | The Brand | The Music

The Business

It is incredibly important to have your business structured properly to be able to fully monetize your talent.  Never forget…this is the entertainment BUSINESS.  While you have spent your time developing your talent, it is important to recognize the need to become a viable business enterprise.

The Brand

Building a brand as a part of your artistry has become imperative to succeed in today’s industry.  There was once a time when your talent was enough but these days, you need to have a strong brand that allows you to leverage it to gain and grow your fan base.  Having a strong brand allows you to monetize your craft in greater proportions as well.

The Music

As important as your business and brand are, the MUSIC is why you decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  We work with some of the most talented music producers, songwriters and engineers to make sure you have an incredible sound that fits your style, brand and direction.

Why We Are Different


Our Development

Most “artist development” systems do not truly develop you as an artist.  They teach you more about playing an instrument or vocals but you do not walk away with the resources you actually need to be a successful artist.


Our Resources

We pride ourselves on creating the best resources that will help artists become successful.  Building a team of experts who have a proven track record of providing services to artists is one of our priorities.


Our Network

Although our goal is to build the foundation for a successful artist, we make sure we are connected to the NEXT LEVEL of artist success.  We are connected with label executives, managers, production companies, producers, investors, agents and competition shows.  Our intent is to have the proper network to help our talent step into the next phase of their careers.


Our Impact

There is nothing better than providing the direction and resources that help an artist realize their dreams.  This is why we started C.A.M.P. and why we work so hard to deliver the best possible system to achieve artist success.

Our Network

Free First Consultation

You have been gifted with talent, worked hard to perfect your craft and now it's time to grow as an artist.

We are excited to have the opportunity to discuss your career goals and how we can assist you.  C.A.M.P. is for artists who are serious and dedicated to the advancement of their talent.  If you believe you are ready to work with an amazing team, a structured system to set a strong foundation and excited to see your potential expand, shoot us a message and we will setup a free consultation with you.

Consult Me!

Highly Qualified Team

Kevin Hellon, II

Kevin Hellon, II

Founder, CEO

Kevin has a vast amount of experience building successful companies.  His passion for helping talent have successful careers and being more business oriented led him to founding C.A.M.P. (a division of Offstream Entertainment).  He prides himself on providing the right resources, team and network to truly make an impact with each artist that works with C.A.M.P.
Marquis Bell

Marquis Bell

Creative Director

Marquis defines ENERGY!  He brings his expertise as a performance coach and creative director to work with talent from C.A.M.P.  Marquis has a reputation of fine tuning artists and getting them prepared to be on stage, in front of the camera and working solid in the studio.

Who Our Team Has Worked With

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Please feel free to contact us for any reason.  If you have questions, want to learn more or want to setup a consultation, we are always happy to discuss your future.


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